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made the leap

Taking the decision of becoming a  freelancer full-time is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to take. 

I’ve dreamed with the fact of working for myself, and now, after more than 4 years of being an employed User Experience designer, I can say that it’s a reachable reality, and I know that it’s becoming one for many more like me.

I had been working as a part-time freelancer for a couple of years now and leaving an office job to take up freelancing full-time required a certain amount of planning .

I needed to understand my work and my work style, sharpen my networking skills and building my confidence.

By now, I have a client base, have some savings with my husband and even though, it did not feel like the perfect time to make the jump.

I can tell you for sure that working for myself is not always going to be idyllic as it may appear and succeeding as a freelancer will not happen overnight. I know I’m going to deal financial insecurity, long hours and the weight of responsibility for generating my own business.

But I see this adventure as a marathon, not a sprint. I have always set goals for myself. And I’m really excited to say that thanks to the hard and passionate work, freelancing has become a stable source of income for me and for many other designers out there.

So If you are thinking on becoming freelancer the only advice I can give you is, be passionate and work hard, the rest is going to happen.

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